Since Sex is manifestation of the instinct, no one needs education in its use. Of all fallacies, this one produces the Greatest harm. Most of marital unhappiness is due to lack of self-education. Self-instinct is born in us, but Sex knowledge has to be acquired.


Another fallacy is that Sex is an end in itself. This modern fallacy, the great twentieth century nonsense. The Sex act is always accompanied by emotional and spiritual overtones. When you enter into a sexual partnership, it does not just biological part of you that is involved. The whole of you is involved –Mind, Heart, and Soul, as well as Body.

Our grandparents’ view that Sex is was wrong in itself was dangerous simple. The truth lies between the true extremes. Sex, properly expressed, is gesture of Love.


The idea that the Sex desire in women disappears with the menopause is contrary to scientific fact. The sex-love impulse remains during and after menopause.


Also, a fallacy, is that jealousy is a sign of Love. Normal jealousy, that is jealousy supports the facts, is a sign of Love. This jealousy is useful in preserving marriage. Abnormal jealousy  is an immature reaction caused by traumatic life experiences, or by feelings of guilt.

That the best sex in marriage is spontaneous is a romantic fallacy which overlooks the fact that marriage is not sex alone. Spontaneous Sex is fine when mutually agreeable to both parties, but wise husbands and wives express their consideration for one another establishing mutually satisfactory sex relationships.

Another fallacy is that sexual compatibility is the most essential factor to a success marriage. Authorities generally agree that the sexual area is not the most important aspect of marital adjustments. J.T. Landi’s study shows that sexual adjustment of the couple. According  to Armstrong (1992), one study of 500 consecutive unsuccessful marriage found that only one placed the blame on Sex.

It is important to Keep in mind that Sex and Love are not the same thing and always remember you should know when it is just Sex  and when it is Love before rushing into marriage to avoid Love tragedy or a broken family.

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