Nowadays, There seems to be a too much interest when talk about Sex. Unfortunately, there is

Love-vs-Sexa possibility of many teen-age people to consider that   Sex is Love. Many scenarios we see the sad effect of this misconception. A young woman rushes into marriage with a man to whom she is sexually attracted only to realize when the sexual interest passes that without love her marriage is a hollow and an empty agony. For this reason, it is important to discuss that Love and Sex are absolutely not the same.

What Love is?

There are many definition of Love depending on the age or maturity and experiences of a people. It is a positive sensation or response toward an individual or an object. Based on the Bible, it is large factor , of which sex is only a part. But there
sweet are many things that consist of the components of Love that are not sexual in their orientation such as readiness or willingness to take responsibility, respect, feeling of understanding, sacrifice, Caring and protective attitude, kindness loneliness in the absence of the partner and Happiness of being in his/her presence.

An expert had put it. A man who loves gives values by concerning about the desires and interests of the beloved. By desiring to help or defend her, by appreciating in her accomplishments, by encouraging her independence and respecting her individuality, by giving her pleasure, by giving back the pleasures with her, by feeling glad when she is present and sad when she is not, by sharing his ideas and wanting her emotions with her, by empathizing with her weakness and limitations, and depending upon her strength, by developing common pursuits, by allowing her to become second-nature to him – her smiles, her glares, her ups, her downs, by feeling a need to increase their society with her human beings upon who they can jointly give value by wanting children who may preserve and continues their love.

Respect is one of the characteristic of Love. Implies the absence of mistreatment. Respect is not Fear and also wonder; it signifies the ability to see a person, to be known of his distinctive individuality.

Love can Die if two people (or either one) stop affectionate, caring and showing love for each other; if no essence of giving, there is no feeling of love and loyalty. If dies when one fails to fulfill the commitments and thoughtfulness. It fades, if one had failed to fulfill his or her faithfulness and having a romantic and sexual relationship with someone other than his or her partner.

There are many kinds of love, one of them are the following. The Love between Husband and Wife are called Conjugal Love, the self-giving Love. The Parental Love or love between parents and child. This kind of love have the characteristics of self-sacrificing, care, protection to his/her child. Another kind of Love is the Filial Love, where the child is obedient to his parents and showing respect for them. A Love between brother and sister or what we called Fraternal Love. Of Course the Love into which we “fall” the Love that leads up to and over into marriage. This is called Romantic Love in which there is centering attention on a particular person that we love.


What Sex Is?

It is the state in which a man being a man and a woman being a woman. It is also referring as a biological urge which describes the universal need for reproduction and propagation of the species.  Also, sex has been considered as “Nature’s method par excellent of securing the perpetuation of the species.” In people’s sensible mind, Man is differ from animals, not in the physical need but of course the human capacity for thoughts, feelings, man’s ability to think, remembering and other cognitive skills, and to comprehend the natural and basic facts of Sex with Emotion. Always Keep in mind that Sex is after  Marriage, meaning it is only for Husband and Wife that is set to the consciousness of their mind that desires to be a parents.

There are author says, that there is higher intensity of the sex drive in men than in women; that it takes longer time for a woman to be aroused, and men are easily aroused. Nevertheless, it is influence on this matter by Culture. Regardless of this, keep in mind that a Husband should always considered the feeling of his Wife during


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