Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS is a viral disease that destroys ability to fight infection. It is described of losing Humans natural immunity contrary to different diseases, resulting to the carrier defenseless to many diseases that might cause not to be

According to Weekend Magazine of the Sunday Express, March 16, 1986 carried reports that in the Philippines, the first Filipino victim came from the United States in America and died immediately, and the second one left before the Filipino population was even aware he was here at all. A third one, diagnose and confirmed both in Germany and in the Philippines is at large, threatening each and everyone of us: Male or Female, Married or Single, Adult or Child, Gay or Straight, Celibate Monogamous or otherwise. For AIDS does not discriminate and spare no one.

Male aged 24-46 are usually victim and carrier of AIDS, based on the new recorded cases all of them have verified sexual intercourse as the way of transmission.hiv1

Sexual intercourse, the most usual mode of transmission of HIV,  according in Today Magazine published in August 25, 1995, HIV/AIDS has infected  an estimated 60,000 Filipinos who are not aware of their medical status.

Based on the statement of Dr. Antonio Novak Feliciano, founder of the American Venereal Diseases Association (PHILS.) AIDS virus actually attacks the immune system of the body. In addition,  in our blood, we have cells which alarm or signal the immune system to produce immunity or antibodies to fight against germs, bacteria and virus which enter the body. These cells are called the “ T-Helper” cells and these are the ones that are attacked by the AIDS virus. Once your “T-Helper” cells are destroyed, you have no alarm system anymore, so bacteria and virus can now enter the body.

Nowadays, In many country AIDS virus are epidemic, and in the Philippines have widely spread of this viral disease. Male or Female, Straight or Gay, Old or Young and of any race have a possibility of being expose to the said viral disease. The Bottom-line is, Where AIDS originates from? and How AIDS has spread?primates

Based on The Weekend Magazine issued on March 16, 1986, Scientists are one in their view about Where AIDS came from and How it has spread to all populated regions of the world. Additionally, they are convinced that the virus gained that based in Central Africa. In the area that is now Zaire (formerly Belgian Congo), the first known human case of AIDS occurred (Medicare Bulletin, Sept-Oct. 1985). In pursuing the mystery of how AIDS started scientist have focused on the African green Monkey, a small animal that carries a virus, known HTLV-III (semian T-Lymphotrotic virus) so similar to the AIDS virus that, theoretically, one could have mutated into the other. For some reason, the disease was transmitted to the natives, It was then transferred to the Haitians when many of them went to Africa during the International Convention, and from Haiti, to the US, and now to the Philippines.

…And this is the Fact about the origin of this vulnerable disease, how it is spread in the Philippines and how the victims possible destroys the system even their friends and families forsaken this viral illness called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS.


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