CONDOMS: Man’s New Best Friend?

Now that RH Bill truly became a law, here in the Philippines and no one can’t stop it. The (DOH) or the Department of Health are planning to distribute a wide amount of condoms in different schools; elementary or secondary to prevent young men and women to be infected with STD’s. Is everyone now safe from one of the most greater threats of the world? Or these contraceptives will be the one that will provoke them to try having sexual intercourse that will eventually lead them to be exposed from STD’s dangerous threats.

According to the DOH Health Secretary, Paulyn Ubial. They would work together with the (DepEd) or the Department of Education to implement the program for a pilot-test basis. Also according to her the youngest HIV patient recorded here in the country that is infected are 11 years old which concluded that Filipinos are more engaging in sex in such very young age. Making them cope up in that plan of distributing condoms. Condoms are considered to be the Man’s New Best friend in sex because it is used by men to prevent them to be infected with STD’s and also to prevent pregnancy among women. Considering that condoms prevent some of the consequences of sex it still not advisable to rely on using a condom for it is also breakable that will become the future problem between two individuals.

The distribution of condoms in different school is still on process and also the Department of Health are still proposing better ideas in accordance to the prevention of AIDS, HIV & other Sexually Transmitted Diseases in infecting every human of our society. A study was conducted by the Epidemiology Bureau of the DOH says that there are 38,114 reported cases of HIV in the country from January in the year 1984 to October 2016. 7,756 of the total cases are reported just in 2016. According to it in average, there were 26 new HIV infections every day of that year. The reported cases last year was much higher than in 2008 where an average of only 1 new HIV case per day was reported, proving that HIV cases in the Philippines are spreading faster and broader.

The study also says that 19.578 of the total reported HIV cases belong to individuals aged 25-34 years old while 10,279 cases are among the youth aged 15-24 years old.

According to the figures released by the Philippine Statistics Authority in 2014, One out of 10 Filipino girls aged 15 to 19 is either pregnant or already been a mother.

According to the Health Secretary. The student that received condoms will be offered with counseling for proper use. Also according to her others details of the plan are still being ironed out between the health and education departments.

President Rodrigo Duterte listed accessibility to healthcare as a focus in his State of the Nation Address last year during the month of July. Ubial says their three-point agenda covers health insurance coverage, service delivery, and protection from infectious diseases. Meaning that the administration is planning in preventing greater problem related to sex.

Condoms are very important for us to be safe but let’s not forget that not all the time Condom will be there and won’t let us down.80a5503111a015c34e2a329ad3560e2a


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