What is meant by the Sex-Love Impulse?
Self-Love impulse denotes that in every adult or adolescent period of a human occurs a factor of the natural desire of self-preservation known as the sex-drive. It is an natural instinct that we are born with. As has said, it is the biological urge which describes the universal need for reproduction and propagation of the human race. Moreover, similar to our sex-instinct is love-instinct or The need to Love and be Loved. Hence, the Sex-Love Impulse is combining by a Psychological Force including the idea together of Physical or the Biological and the Psychological or Emotional.


How Important is the Sex-Love Impulse?
The most powerful emotions or feeling is the “Sex-Love Impulse” A person’s behavior and personality, the failure and accomplishment of man’s work, the ability of having a friends – this impulse are influenced of every aspect of human’s life to which he understands and the way he uses or abuse the impulse. Also, it said that it becomes an encourager for two persons to be worthy in his life when he appreciates it. It becomes the cause of sorrow or distress when he misuses its physical aspect or to fail its emotional aspect.
The mishandling of Sex can cause of Love catastrophe, whereas better relationship are cause of healthy management of sex with the Wife or Husband, but what is equally important a more satisfactory emotional relationship.


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